Winry Rockbell (wrenchgenius) wrote in gcollisionooc,
Winry Rockbell

Plot Overview

A few months after the events of the movie, something strange is going on with the Gate. Alchemists notice that it's taking more energy to complete their transmutations and the reactions are less stable, and on both sides of the Gate a few people have odd dreams of the lives of their counterparts on the other side. It's not widespread, and few notice what is happening.

A week later, it becomes all too obvious.

Without warning, both worlds suddenly merge with eachother, great arcs of energy flying everywhere for a few terrifying seconds. When it's over, everything is half-destroyed, and suddenly there's a lot more people around than there used to be. Weather patterns are completely thrown for a loop, causing random storms and droughts in areas that had never seen them before. The alchemists find that their abilities are severely impaired, and the few that know of the Gate realize that any alchemic abilities related to it are gone, and the Gate itself may very well no longer exist.

Over the next few days, the members of the two worlds re-form their seperate governments and organizations. Tension between the groups is high, especially from the former residents of Earth. War seems almost inevitable, and underground groups and organizations find it far easier to conduct their operations, especially Thule, which gains more members by the day.

Worst of all, the Elric brothers haven't yet found any clues as to the whereabouts of Huskisson's bomb. With all the conflict going on, a weapon of that magnitude will certainly be desired by both sides. They must track it down, before it's too late...
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