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Rules/FAQ [Dec. 27th, 2006|11:54 am]
Gate Collision OOC


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What is the basis of this comm?
In a nutshell, it's a recycled idea of mine that was pulled off in a bad way previously. After the movie, I imagine that what with all the Gate hopping and people living of the 'wrong' side, things would get a little stressful for the Gate. One thing leads to another, and it kind of...implodes. Which merges the two parallel worlds and screws with various laws of the universe. Alchemy is far more dangerous and limited, and there's a lot of different technological possibilities that have opened up.

Does this mean that alter!characters are available to be played?
YES. With the current cast, the Amestris side of things has a biiiit of an advantage, and we all know we wanna see Nexus-esque OMGWTFMIRROR moments. :D But I'd like to see the canon side of things filled out a bit before we go crazy with alters.

How do I go about applying in the first place?
Fill out the application form and send it to decend.to.darkness@gmail.com, and hang tight until the other mods and I have a look over it. We should get back to you within a week at the latest. If you're accepted, please join both the main comm and the OOC comm.

May I apply for more than one character?
At the moment, the maximum amount of characters one person can control is two.

How often do I need to post?
Once the plot actually starts moving a definite requirement will be set, but for now I'm going to set the bar at once every two weeks minimum. This is my first adventure in modding, so things will probably be bumpy.

How will things be played here?
Anything in the main comm needs to be relevant to the game itself; OOC comments go in the OOC comm. Anything beyond PG-13 (and possibly violence-type R) goes in your journal and under lock. Also, communication is your FRIEND. We all just want to get along.

As far as style, I couldn't care less, just so long as it's coherent and readable. If we have to stare at your post for three minutes just to figure out what your character is doing or saying, there's something wrong here.

I have a suggestion/criticism for the plot/setting. Where do I address this?
However you wish! Post in the OOC comm, or in a marked post in your character journal, or you can send an e-mail to one of the mods if you feel more comfortable with that. Things are still in the contruction stage, any help is highly appreciated.

And as mentioned before, this is the first game that I've moderated at all. This will most definitely be a bit awkward at times, but hopefully we all have nough humor to get past it, eh? :D;;;

I have a question that isn't listed here. Who do I talk to?
E-mail me with anything you'd like to know and I'll get back to you ASAP.